REACH Alliance Statement on School...

REACH Alliance Statement on School Vouchers

(Harrisburg, PA – July 1 2011)  –  “With the passage of the state budget, time has run out for school vouchers this session,” said Otto V. Banks, executive director of the REACH Alliance & Foundation.  “While we are understandably disappointed that a school voucher bill did not pass, we are proud that we were part of a coalition that pushed a true school choice bill in PA closer than ever to the finish line.  We are thankful for the leadership shown by our legislators – Sen. Jeffrey Piccola and Sen. Anthony Williams led the charge in the Senate, and Rep. Jim Christiana and Rep. Tony Payton were leaders in the House.  Our supporters have shown tremendous initiative over the past six months and they may rest assured that we will continue to fight for school choice in the fall.”
What is the REACH Alliance? Founded in 1991, REACH is Pennsylvania’s grassroots coalition for school choice. For more information on the REACH Alliance & Foundation, visit


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