Paul M. Henkels Award

Paul M. Henkels Award

REACH Foundation is proud to announce the annual Paul M. Henkels Award. The award celebrates the leadership of individuals and organizations that advance innovative solutions and demonstrate meaningful progress in expanding educational options in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The award is designed to showcase excellence in commitment to the future of Pennsylvania’s children among government officials, captains of industry and community leaders in the following categories:

  • Philanthropy: Exhibit innovation and commitment to improving the quality of education for children, prompting long-term sustainable change and addressing the critical societal issue of school choice as a civil right.
  • Impact: Exhibit a strong record of accomplishment in the school choice community.
  • Commitment: Whose leadership has significantly advanced REACH’s mission and inspired statewide involvement in the promotion of educational options.

REACH will award a Franz Hermle precision timepiece to one laureate each year.

First Annual Paul M. Henkels Award, REACH EITC Birthday Rally May 7, 2014.

Paul M. Henkels

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