The REACH Foundation (Road to Educational Achievement Through CHoice) and its sister organization, the REACH Alliance, are Pennsylvania’s grassroots coalitions dedicated to ensuring parental choice in education.

In 1991, REACH was founded to coordinate the efforts to pass school choice legislation in Pennsylvania. Since then, REACH has grown into a broad, diverse coalition that includes members from the business community, ethnic and religious organizations, parents, and taxpayer groups. As a non-profit, REACH is governed by an independent board of directors and funded through generous contributions of Pennsylvania citizens, churches, and foundations.

As the school choice movement has changed, so has REACH. In addition to school vouchers, REACH advocates and educates the public on the benefits of tuition tax credits, charter schools (including cyber charter schools) and home schooling.

REACH Alliance was instrumental in the drafting, passage, and recent expansions of Pennsylvania’s landmark Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program. Since passage of the EITC, the REACH Foundation has worked with the state Department of Community and Economic Development to create user-friendly guidelines for the program and has assisted scholarship organizations with start up money and technical assistance.

REACH continues to educate Pennsylvania citizens and the General Assembly to ensure that parents have a true choice in their children’s education.

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