5 Advantages of Getting a Scholarship

Higher tuition fees make many prospective students think about how to help their parents so they can ease the burden on our tuition fees. Successfully getting a scholarship is certainly the hope of many people. But the way to get it is not easy, we have to pass the selection and meet the set requirements.

The purpose of providing scholarships is to help students or students so they can seek knowledge in accordance with the field they want to master, especially for those who have problems in terms of financing.

Scholarships are not always aimed at the underprivileged. Most of the scholarships are intended for all people who are able to meet the requirements that have been set.

Apart from getting financial assistance, here are 5 other benefits when you get a college scholarship.

1. Motivate Yourself to Study Harder

It is an honor to receive an educational scholarship, your struggle certainly does not end there. You have to study harder to open opportunities for further achievements and maintain the achievements you have achieved at this time.

2. Lecture Expenses Are Lighter

Luckily for those of you who managed to get a full scholarship, the money you get from the scholarship can also be used for other useful things. Such as buying books, taking courses, or even just buying food.

3. Extensive Friendship

Opportunity to have a wider network. Usually, scholarship recipients in the same program will meet each other. These scholarship recipients, of course, come from various backgrounds and even nationalities, if you receive a scholarship to study abroad. Of course, this will widen your network of friends. A wide network of friends will change your way of thinking to be more open.

4. Become a Motivator for Scholarship Seekers

Being a motivator for other students who also have aspirations to get a scholarship will certainly be a valuable experience. All your hard work, experience, and results that you have obtained can be used as motivation for others. It is possible that you will also be invited to various scholarships, exhibitions or seminars held on campus as a speaker. Indirectly you have helped others.

5. Greater Job Opportunities

As a scholarship recipient, of course, you have a greater chance of getting a job than other graduates. The company will have more confidence because the scholarship recipients must have successfully passed the difficult selection stages.

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Why Study Tax?

Maybe you will be called not current because you do not understand taxes at this time. You need to know that most of our people really understand how interesting things about taxes are. And also understand the things that need to be understood by all taxpayers. It may be very common that taxpayers to only pay taxes to the government as a tradition without knowing what the basis and intent and purpose of paying the taxes are. Therefore, special tax training was created for people who want to learn more about taxes.

In addition, you need to know that there is an eternity or ignorance about taxes, so that is where disobedience will be created to fulfill the obligation to pay taxes properly and correctly. So that in the end it will bring various kinds of risks related to the law and tax officials. Consciously or unwillingly or unwillingly tax is a major role in the structure of state financing as a whole. And taxes are also things that are always dynamic following business patterns that develop in the country’s own society.

Actually, this tax has a lot of benefits when examined, taxes are not enough just to be understood, but are broader in that they must be studied and understood comprehensively from various aspects, namely aspects of tax law, tax bases, tax disputes, taxpayer rights, and tax determination. Broadly speaking, studying taxes is for personal awareness, but apart from that learning taxes will also give you various other benefits regarding the meaning or true meaning of tax sanctions for violators of tax functions and various things related to taxation.

Even apart from that, there are many other benefits that you will get when studying taxes through tax training. Especially for someone who wants a career in taxation. For this reason, there are lots of people who join brevet classes to learn basic things about taxation. But maybe you are still wondering what studying taxes is all about. Why study taxes in more detail? So here are some reasons as well as benefits why you need to study taxes:

For Career

When you want to have a career in tax, of course, you need to have a tax education or at least study tax and understand and understand it. By learning and understanding various things about taxes, it will also be easier for you to carry out your duties and work as someone who has a career in the tax field such as an accounting position or the tax itself.

Add Portfolio

When you take part in tax training such as a brevet class, of course, you will have a certificate in the end. With that, it will be a special attraction when you apply for work in a company so that automatically your chances of being accepted will be even greater.

Controlling Work

When you become a manager or leader in a company when you understand tax science, it will make you more able to control the various jobs of your employees.

Creating Skilled Staff

By attending tax training you will also be able to create staff who are skilled in tax matters and can guide taxpayers to carry out various tax obligations.

To become a tax expert, you must have in-depth knowledge of taxes. And one of them is by following tax training. Tax Academy is a great place for you to start. Because this place is the first step on the ladder of your success as an expert in the tax industry.

Tax Academy offers easy learning methods and has a professional network. Some of these methods include Video Learning, Interactive Learning, and also Hybrid Learning. This tax academy is managed by professionals from WiN Partners who manage various tax fields with offices in Surakarta, Medan, and Batam. Contact us right now for those of you who want to take part in tax training and become an Expert in the tax field.

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Consider Before Choosing To Homeschool Your Kids

Homeschooling learning methods for children are often chosen by parents for various reasons. Starting from the location of the house that is too far from school, there are other positive activities that keep children busy, to certain conditions experienced by children, which make it difficult for them to focus on formal schooling.

Whatever the reason, choosing homeschooling or regular schools for children certainly aims to make children get the best. Just like formal schools, homeschooling also has many advantages to offer, for example, parents can select their own homeschooling teacher for their children. However, there are a number of things that need to be known before choosing to homeschool for children.

Don’t Just Choose Homeschooling for Children

Just like choosing a formal school, parents should not be careless when choosing to homeschool for their children. Think things over carefully. Moreover, homeschooling is certainly different from formal schools. Here are some things to know and consider when choosing to homeschool for children:

1. Authority to choose curriculum and learning methods

If in formal schools, parents do not have the authority to determine the curriculum and learning methods for children, homeschooling is the opposite. When a child pursues homeschooling, education, parents have full authority to choose and develop a curriculum and learning method that is appropriate for the child’s age.

Regarding time flexibility, homeschooling is also superior to formal schools. Parents can set a child’s study schedule, and adjusted to other activities or their needs, for example if there is a material that is not really mastered, parents can increase the child’s study hours.

2. Make sure the child’s learning environment is conducive

Not only the curriculum and methods, but parents also have full power over how to create a conducive learning environment for children. If before homeschooling a child has never attended a formal school, his mindset may have formed that learning conditions are like those in a conducive school.

That is, there are tables and chairs, whiteboards, projectors, laboratories, and other facilities. Although it doesn’t have to be exactly the same, parents need to conjure up a study room that has all the equipment a child needs for learning, just like in a normal school.

Also create a disciplinary rule like at school, about when to study, and when it is permissible to take a break or stop studying. That way, even though they are studying homeschooling, children still know how to be disciplined in learning and how to obey the rules.

3. Children are more focused and easy to understand lessons

One of the advantages of homeschooling is the focus and attention of teachers on children. If in a formal school, there are dozens of students with only one teacher, when homeschooling, the child will be more focused and flooded with the teacher’s full attention, because only he is being taught. Teachers will also better understand the characteristics and ways of learning of children, then teach them in an appropriate way.

As your little one’s best supporter, you can support him by avoiding all things that cause distraction and unfocused children. For example, by providing a comfortable and quiet room for children to study.

4. Pay attention to the cleanliness and nutritional adequacy of children

When choosing to homeschool for children, also make sure the cleanliness of the study room and adequate nutritional intake. This is so that children stay healthy and are able to learn with focus. Also remind the discipline of cleanliness in children, by asking them to wash their hands and clean themselves regularly. So, even though they study at home, children still know how to look neat and take care of themselves.

5. Keep teaching children how to socialize

In addition to academics, children also need to have the ability to socialize and communicate with others. Do not let when choosing to homeschool, children are always at home without ever playing with anyone. When he grows up and enters the world of work later, he may experience obstacles.

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